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i think maybe teenagers are so unhappy because the naive expectations they developed over a carefree childhood are now being relentlessly crushed and they’re slowly realizing life isn’t going to be so easy and you can’t be an astronaut without a bunch of qualifications and they’re really sad about that and that’s why i think we should all be mean to babies more often and introduce the hunger games 


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"You were everything I was looking for when I wasn’t even looking."

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can’t go home alone again need someone to numb the painnnnnnnnn

Such a good song

This song

By Kimberley Tell
"I want to forget everything you told me. I want to wash away how uncertain you made me. How scared I was of losing you. How I lost you anyway. I don’t want to know how your hands feel or what makes you smile. I don’t want to see you in photos, familiar like a dream I had once or a book I never finished. I don’t want to speak about you in snippets or think about how I behaved. Or know that I still think about it. Or know that you’re not just a lamp or a blade of grass, indistinguishable from the rest."

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me neither 


what have i found

the only side of youtube that matters

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Mom: Home in 5 minutes, hope you’ve taken the chicken out of the freezer

Me: image

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